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What do food start-ups need to know?


The start-up scene in the food sector is growing steadily and more and more innovative products are entering the market. It all starts with a great idea, then the first products are created and you start thinking about financing and advertising. But what else do food startups need to consider?

We’ll tell you!


What kind of product do I have?


First, you need to be sure if your product belongs to the category of food. Or is it a dietary supplement or pharmaceutical? Depending on the category, there are different legal requirements. Don’t worry, if you are not sure here, we will help you with the classification.


How do I label my product correctly?


There are different labeling requirements for food products than for pharmaceuticals, for example. As a manufacturer or distributor, you are responsible for legally correct labels in the EU. Accordingly, all information on the packaging must comply with the applicable legal regulations and directives.

In Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 (Food Information Regulation) you will find the mandatory information, but depending on the food there are also exceptions and special regulations. We know that this is very challenging for many startups that don’t deal with it on a daily basis, so we are here to support you.

Want to learn more about food labeling? Then check out our page with more information on labeling!


How do I determine the best before date of my food?


The best before date of a product indicates the date until which the product keeps its specific properties under the given storage conditions. The best-before date depends on various factors such as the manufacturing process and packaging, and empirical values from similar products can be used for guidance in determining it. A storage test can then be used to check whether the defined best before date is correct.

Here you can learn more about the determination of the best-before date.


What is meant by marketability?


As a food business operator, you are responsible for the safety of your products. Only safe products may be marketed.

The marketability check of a food product verifies that the product is safe and can be placed on the market in this way. In addition to label reviews, a substantive examination is also part of the marketability check. I.e. depending on the product and ingredients, the microbiological safety is analyzed, as well as the compliance with legal requirements regarding permitted ingredients, exceeding of limits, etc.


We help you!


Do you need support? We are there for you! We take a look at your product and advise you on the necessary analyses, the correct labeling and all aspects of the safety of your products, so that nothing prevents a successful market entry. With our TentaStart program we are especially prepared for the needs and questions of start-ups.



If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact us. Our expert will be happy to help you.


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