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Vegetable baby food tested

The first complementary food is given to babies after about four to seven months, because from this point on milk is no longer sufficient for an optimal nutrition. With vegetable baby food babies get important fiber, vitamins and minerals to help them grow big and strong.


Furan is not part of a healthy diet


Furan is a volatile compound that can be produced when food is heated in closed packages. In a recent test of ready-to-eat vegetable baby food, furan was found in small amounts. These did not exceed any limits, but in baby foods they should be kept as low as possible.


Nitrate does not taste good to babies either


Furthermore, small amounts of nitrate were found. Nitrate is found mainly in leaf and root vegetables and can restrict the supply of oxygen to the blood in babies. According to Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006, the maximum level of 200 mg/kg nitrate must not be exceeded in complementary foods for infants and young children.


One vegetable baby food was contaminated with cadmium


Cadmium was also found in one vegetable baby food during the test. Cadmium is a heavy metal which, when consumed regularly, affects the kidneys. According to Regulation (EU) No. 488/2014, complementary foods must not exceed a maximum value for cadmium of 0.040 mg/kg.


bilacon tests your vegetable baby food – for safe baby food


To ensure that your products do not exceed the maximum levels and that any risk can be avoided, bilacon tests vegetable foods that are specially produced for baby food. Besides the analysis for furans, nitrate and cadmium, we also support you in testing for other heavy metals, pesticides and germs.


If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact us. Our expert will be pleased to help you.


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Source: Ökotest

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