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Tortelloni – Italy vacation at home

A little piece of Italy at home: Fresh tortelloni have also been available on supermarket shelves as a ready-made product since the early 1980s. Just a few minutes in boiling water and the enjoyment is ready.

In some regions of Italy, the stuffed dumpling has a long tradition. There, specialists produce the thin and stretchy dough by hand, shape it artistically and fill it. Tortelloni are traditionally served with meat broth or Bolognese. In the supermarket they can be found in many different variations.

The varieties with meat, cheese and ricotta spinach filling have been tested, fresh and partially dried. All tested products scored well in terms of sensory properties, but germs and bacteria were found in some products.

Enterobacteriaceae – lack of hygiene in production


In samples of the ricotta spinach varieties, an increased number of germs were found, with very high levels of enterobacteriaceae. These are part of a healthy intestinal flora, but become pathogens if they are carried into other parts of the body or affect the organism from outside. The detection of Enterobacteriaceae can be attributed to a lack of hygiene in production. Preparation in boiling water usually kills the germs and therefore does not represent an acute health hazard.

Chlorate – a pollutant that makes you ill


The pollutant chlorate was found in a sample of Tortellonis with ricotta spinach. It is highly likely that it gets into the dumplings as a result of the production process – for example through chlorinated water used to wash the ingredients. Chlorate inhibits the absorption of iodine, which can cause serious problems, especially for people with thyroid problems.


Sensory testing- how should the perfect tortelloni taste like?


A good balance between dough and filling is the most important thing. None of the ingredients must dominate. The filling should be soft, aromatic and slightly creamy, the pasta should have a light bite. A good tortelloni has a pleasant spicy smell and does not taste too salty.

Especially with the ricotta and spinach variant it is difficult to combine the ingredients in a subtle way so that the taste of ricotta does not dominate.

At bilacon GmbH, professionally trained employees work in the sensory department who check your tortelloni for taste, smell and appearance.

How bilacon can help you to guarantee good quality


Regular checks are important to ensure good quality. bilacon helps you to check your product for all harmful substances relevant to pasta and to carry out sensory testing. In this way, you can ensure that your tortelloni is a real treat for the end consumer.


If you have any questions about our service, please contact us. Our expert is happy to help you further.


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Source: Stiftung Warentest

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