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Tomato juice – a pleasure not only above the clouds

Many people find tomato juice tastes better up in the air. This is due to the low air pressure high above the clouds. However, even if you don’t fly, tomato juice doesn’t only taste good as Bloody Mary.

In order to ensure a carefree enjoyment of tomato juice, 20 different juices made from tomato concentrate and direct juice were tested. The positive first: no pesticide residues were found in any of the juices and most of them also scored well on sensory evaluation.


Lack of aroma


Most of the juices were found not to have been rearomatised to the necessary extent. Rearomatisation is necessary when a concentrate is produced. During production, the juice loses aroma, which must be added back to the concentrate when it is diluted with drinking water. According to the Fruit Juice Ordinance, this is to ensure that direct juice and juice from concentrate are comparable in terms of aroma.

To ensure the consumer does not notice these missing flavourings, flavour-altering ingredients are added to tomato juices from concentrate. In this case, the producer uses lemon juice, lemon juice concentrate and salt to mask these missing flavours.


Brix value too low


The Brix value is the measure in which the amount of dissolved dry substances is indicated. If this is below the value of 5.0, the juice is too watery. Although not legally required by the Code of Practice of the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN), consumers do notice a positive difference in taste if the Brix value is 5.0 or higher. This is because only from a Brix value of 5.0 or higher does the tomato juice taste as it should: fruity, savoury and spicy.


Rotten fruit – if the ergosterol level is too high


Ergosterol is a substance that occurs naturally in many foods. It is formed by moulds. In bread, baker’s yeast or mould ripened cheese, Ergosterol is a desired, positive additive. However, Ergosterol can also have a negative effect on food. Ergosterol is also formed in fruits when they are already rotting. In tomato juices, a high level of ergosterol is an indication that burst fruit has been used for the juice.


Lycopene – keeps you fresh and healthy


Lycopene is the red pigment in tomatoes, which has an antioxidant effect. Especially ripe fruits contain large amounts of this dye, i.e. a high lycopene content is an indicator of how many ripe fruits have been used.


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