Please send your samples to the following address:

bilacon GmbH
An der Indus­triebahn 5
13088 Berlin


Quotation number or order confirmation

Please enclose the quota­tion number or order confir­ma­tion with your samples.

If you would like to order only indi­vidual posi­tions of the offer, then please indi­cate these.

If you would like to send us your samples without an offer, please note which analyses are to be performed.

Express Samples

For partic­u­larly express samples their analysis needs to be prior­i­tized forward in the labo­ra­tory, we offer you an express service for selected para­me­ters and sample types. 

Shortly, we will provide you with an overview of all express-capable para­me­ters and the express times. If you are already inter­ested, please contact us by phone +49 30 206 038 230 or via e‑mail info.​ber@​tentamus.​com. We will be happy to advise you. Express tests are primarily offered for food and feed. On request and if method­i­cally possible, we also carry out express analysis for other sample types, such as cosmetics.

To ensure same-day results, the samples to be tested must be received at bilacon GmbH by 09:00. In case of a 24h-express analysis (“next day”), where the results will be reported at the next working day, the samples need to be received in the labo­ra­tory by 11:00 am. To comply with a 48h-express analysis (“day after”), we also ask you for a sample receipt until 11:00.

The feasi­bility of express analysis depends on the scope of the test, the number of samples and our internal resources (including equip­ment utiliza­tion). We there­fore ask you to inform us about an incoming express order and the scope in advance by phone or e‑mail. Please indi­cate an express request on the order form, which is enclosed with the package and please label the package with our express sticker. Both measures are intended to ensure the prior­i­tized processing of your order. If it is not possible for us to carry out the express analysis within the time window requested by you due, you will be informed so that you can decide for the next express processing time if you wish.

We would like to inform you that both Saturday and Sunday do not repre­sent a complete 8 h working day and an express analysis can only be offered to a limited extent.

In case the analysis of your sample reveals any abnor­mal­i­ties, for example an exceeding of legal limits, we will perform a re-analysis to confirm the correct­ness of the results before sending out the results to our clients. Depending on the para­meter and sample type, it is not always possible for us to perform this within the express times. If this means that the express times cannot be met, we will inform you of the prelim­i­nary results within the times agreed with you.

If you requested express and non-express para­me­ters in one order, you would receive a corre­sponding partial test report from us for the express parameters.

The prior­i­tized processing of express samples means an addi­tional effort for bilacon GmbH and includes the whole process from the sample recep­tion in the labo­ra­tory as well as the prepa­ra­tion of the test report, which is why these tests are charged with an express surcharge.

Infor­ma­tion on express surcharges can be obtained from our trained quota­tion team (by phone +49 30 20 60 38 – 230 or via e‑mail info.​ber@​tentamus.​com).

Samples that need to be refrigerated

Samples requiring refrig­er­a­tion or freezing must be shipped refrig­er­ated. Please make sure that your samples arrive refrigerated.

We are also happy to pick up your samples so that our staff can take care of the refrig­er­ated trans­port from handover and the cold chain is not inter­rupted. In addi­tion, we can also arrange for a courier service to pick up your samples.

You just need to make an appoint­ment with us:
+49 30 20 60 38 131

Contact us

If you have any ques­tions, please contact us

by tele­phone +49 30 20 60 38 – 230

or by mail info.​ber@​tentamus.​com

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