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How to send your samples to us


Dear customers,

for a timely handling of your samples, we kindly ask you to note the following:

Please send your samples to the following address:

bilacon GmbH
An der Industriebahn 5
13088 Berlin, Germany

Please also note the following:

Please attach the offer number or order confirmation to the samples. 

If you want to order only single positions of the offer, please indicate them

If you would like to send us your samples without a quotation, please note which analyses should be performed

If it is an express sample, please write this on the order confirmation.

Refrigerated samples must be sent refrigerated. Please make sure that the sample will be delivered cooled.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
by telephone T +49 30 20 60 38 – 230 or by e-mail

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