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bilacon Quality Label – Regularly tested

When you market your products, a high qualitative and legal standard must be observed to ensure the safety of your food. A quality defect can be a result of contamination, poor hygiene, incorrect use of chemicals, etc. or even incorrect labelling.
As a producer, you must ensure that your food complies with Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 Art. 14 (1). This states that food that is not “safe” is not allowed to be placed on the market, as it may pose a health risk to the consumer.
Consumers, increasingly unsettled by numerous food scandals, give trust in your products by having a seal that shows that your products are safe.

A quality label on your product helps consumers to find their way in their daily groceries and stands for the fact that they can trust in the quality of the product.

As a laboratory partner, we check your products for their compliance with legal requirements. If all requirements are met, a seal can be printed on the label informing consumers that your products are regularly tested by an independent laboratory.

Steps to the bilacon quality label

1. Contact us
Let us know that you are interested in the bilacon quality label

2. Product information
Give us details about your products, the composition and, if applicable
the manufacturing technology

3. Preparation of the scope of analysis
bilacon determines product-specific testing parameters to check the marketability. These include basic tests such as sensory, chemical and microbiological parameters, a labelling test and takes particular account of risk-relevant parameters.

4. Initial testing
bilacon tests the products to determine whether the requirements for seal approval have been met.

5. Granting of the bilacon seal
If the product fulfils the requirements, a bilacon seal is temporarily granted, informing the consumer that the product has been assessed by bilacon as marketable.

6. Regulary controls
In order to maintain the bilacon seal, the analyses are repeated on a regular basis to ensure that the quality standards are continuously fulfilled.
Should the product quality decrease in the future, bilacon has the right to withdraw the seal. In this way, we ensure that the seal remains at a high standard quality level, so that products awarded with it always correspond to the highest quality and consumers can rely on the seals.

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