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Your partner for food analyses

The bilacon GmbH with its location in Rheda – Wiedenbrück is your contact for all matters concerning the various requirements of food producers from craftsmen to large companies, from farmers to slaughterhouses.

Together with our partner laboratories from the Tentamus Group:

– BAV Institute, Offenburg

– lifeprint GmbH, Illertissen

– Quant Quality Assurance GmbH, Martinsried

– Tentacontrol GmbH, Hamburg


bilacon provides a complete portfolio of services that you need to meet your requirements, whether they are legal, customer requirements or a standard such as IFS or BRC.

bilacon supports you in the implementation of all relevant analytical topics related to the product and the production environment.


Microbiological analyses at bilacon location in Rheda-Wiedenbrück


In Rheda -Wiedenbrück all relevant microbiological tests are offered. Classical cultural methods are part of the range of services, as well as PCR – rapid methods for Salmonella, Listeria spp.and Listeria monocytgenes with a result transmission within 24 hours.

The evaluation of the results obtained in the analyses carried out will be presented in a clear and easily understandable form.


Chemical and instrumental analyses at the bilacon location in Berlin

Nutritional value analyses, residue and pesticide analyses as well as many other parameters are carried out for you at our main location in Berlin.

A team of experts is also at your disposal here for questions regarding national or international food labelling.


Cooperation with the partner laboratories


In cooperation with the BAV Institute in Offenburg, we offer further microbiological examinations and analyses for the clarification of infection chains, especially for Listeria.

We carry out allergen detection, animal species determination and GMO testing together with lifeprint GmbH for you.

Our experts will advise you and provide you with quality management concepts for your needs. In addition, we prepare examination and sampling plans, also for drinking water systems in your business location, in cooperation with Quant GmbH.

For QS certifications or the classification of slaughtered animals, we are your contact in connection with Tentacontrol and NKS GmbH.


Would you like to learn more about our services or do you have any further questions?

Our expert will be happy to help you.

Dr. Thomas Wilke

+49 172 524 09 80

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