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Oat drinks or oat milk?

Vegan plant drinks are trendy and not only for lactose intolerant people. To ensure that the start of the day with oat drinks is tasty and safe, bilacon analyses your products.


Which harmful substances may be contained?


  • Oat drinks can contain residues of heavy metals and pesticides
  • The mycotoxins aflatoxins, huminosins, ochratoxin A, T2- and HT2-toxin can also be present.
  • The evaluation of microbiological quality is also an important aspect in the assessment of the safety and quality of oat drinks


Oat drink or oat milk?


The term “milk” is, with a few exceptions, reserved for animal products, so oat-based products may not be labelled as such. Correct terms are e.g. oat drink or oat beverage.


Ensuring the quality of oat drinks


bilacon tests oat drinks for heavy metals, mycotoxins and pesticides to ensure that they do not exceed the legally prescribed limits. In addition, tests on microbiological quality are carried out and the sensory properties of the product such as smell, texture and taste are also evaluated by experts.

These laboratory analyses help to reduce product recalls for manufacturers and provide consumers with a safe, high-quality product that allows them to start the day with a safe oat drink.


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