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Disinfectants found in fish

During the Corona times, we all learned to use disinfectants more in our private lives, but they are also used in the food industry unrelated to Corona. In the case of fish, process water with disinfectant is used during various processing steps such as skinning and gutting in the industry. In addition, surfaces and equipment
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Baby food tested – Only the best for the little ones

When babies are growing up, the phase comes when they start to eat solid food. This is usually started with baby food from a glass bottle, which is available in a wide variety of flavors. From pasta and rice to vegetables and meat, there is a glass for every taste. In addition to taste, it
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Free of gluten, but with arsenic, mold toxins and glyphosate

More and more people suffer from celiac disease, also called gluten intolerance, and therefore have to avoid many foods in their daily lives. Gluten is a protein that is present in various cereals: wheat, rye, spelt, barley, etc. People with an intolerance to gluten get symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and headaches from consuming
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Frozen raspberries tested

In winter, many people choose frozen raspberries to prepare fruity smoothies or delicious desserts. The raspberries are frozen immediately after harvesting, so that vitamins are preserved and we can enjoy the berries even in winter.   Pesticides found in frozen raspberries   In some samples, different pesticide residues were found in a test. Pesticide residues
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Your partner for food analyses

The bilacon GmbH with its location in Rheda – Wiedenbrück is your contact for all matters concerning the various requirements of food producers from craftsmen to large companies, from farmers to slaughterhouses. Together with our partner laboratories from the Tentamus Group: – BAV Institute, Offenburg – lifeprint GmbH, Illertissen – Quant Quality Assurance GmbH, Martinsried
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Food Supplements in Online Shops

Food supplements are legally defined as foodstuffs which serve to supplement the diet. They are usually offered in the form of tablets or capsules and can thus provide the body with additional vitamins or minerals, for example.   Obligation to notify food supplements   Before a food supplement can be placed on the market, it
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We are shocked! – Dark chocolates tested

They say chocolate makes you happy – but only if it is safe and of good quality! 24 different dark chocolates have been tested recently, but not all of them were found to be good. According to the Cocoa and Chocolate Products Regulation, chocolate is defined as a product containing at least 43% total dry
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PAHs and mineral oils in rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing rapeseed. A distinction is made here between refined and cold-pressed oils. Cold pressed oils are produced without heat treatment and refined oils are obtained on the basis of different processing steps. Rapeseed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is mainly used for frying and
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food infection - correct - handling food

4 tips for handling food at home

In recent months, people people spent more time at home due to the corona pandemic.  Going to the canteen or out for lunch is often cancelled and everyone cooks more for themselves and their families. However, incorrect handling of food can lead to food infections.   What is a food infection?   Food infections are
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Frozen leaf spinach in test

Spinach has the image of being one of the healthiest vegetables out there. This might be due to a certain popular cartoon character or just simply hearing time and again how nutritious spinach is. However, not all spinach is all the same. A recent study of frozen leaf spinach showed that nearly half of the
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GMP Storage at VelaLabs with 24/7 Call on Duty

January 2021: VelaLabs offers safe and convenient long-term storage of any type of your samples under GMP conditions including also MCBs/ WCBs. The storage of any type of samples such as master cell banks (MCB), working cell banks (WCB), antibodies or small molecules is kept at the highest GMP standard. Furthermore, our on-site storage facility
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Brexit Pharma

Brexit // Where do we go from here?

A cautious agreement has been reached for the future relationship between the European Union and Great Britain. Here are some facts about the given Brexit scenario regarding the pharmaceutical and pharmacy sector: The agreement contains specific provisions for both the pharmaceutical and pharmacy sectors, which are not as comprehensive as hoped: There will be separate
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Megsan Labs Logo

Megsan Labs Pvt Ltd notified as cGMP Compliant by Health Canada

Megsan Labs is delighted about the receipt of the GMP Compliance Notification from Health Canada. Based on the assessment of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) evidence available for the inspection conducted by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) at Megsan Labs from 29 Oct 2019 to 01 Nov 2019, Health Canada has announced that
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VelaLabs Operates State-of-the-art HPLC Systems

January 2021:  VelaLabs state-of-the-art high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems from Agilent and Thermo allow a multitude of different separation techniques. HPLC is an automated high throughput analysis for critical quality attributes of pharmaceuticals. With our optimized analytical HPLC separation techniques such as RPC, IEX, SEC, HILIC, mixed mode, and affinity we offer reproducible detection
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Toast – Testing the daily bread

Toast is generally understood to be a white bread which is toasted with a toaster. Nearly no breakfast table can be without the warm bread, which can be prepared quickly and easily. But what was the result of a recent test of various toasts?   Contamination with mineral oil   In eight out of 20
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What is Pesticide Drift?

Consumers are constantly looking for healthier food options and are a lot more conscious about what they put in their bodies. Products labeled as “Organic” “Non-GMO” or “Pesticide-Free” are becoming the first choice when compared to products without them. The use of pesticides has become somewhat of a controversial topic with advocates on both sides
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Laboratorio KUDAM – Experts in detection of COVID-19 in water

Kudam Laboratory is the Tentamus Group’s reference laboratory for coronavirus PCR analysis (SARS-CoV-2) in wastewater. These analyses have become a fundamental early warning epidemiological tool for the early identification of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in different communities and populations. Due to the impact that the analytical results can have on the decision-making of the different
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Megsan & Tentamus Group begin new Indian project within the human diagnostics market

Hyderabad, 21. December 2020   Megsan Diagnostics –the human diagnostics laboratory service provider by Megsan and Tentamus   “Megsan Diagnostics” stands as a joint-venture between Tentamus Group, the global product and safety group, and the team of Megsan, which share their expertise in the field of laboratories and diagnostics. Through this collaboration, Megsan Diagnosatics started
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EPL Bio Analytical Services

New Management Board at EPL Bio Analytical Services

Decatur, IL (USA)   As of November 1, 2020 the management board at EPL Bio Analytical Services officially changed. Katie Merry took over the role of General Manager, supported by Dr. Dilini Ranasinghe as Business Development Director.   EPL, located in Decatur, Illinois has been providing quality analytical services to the Agrosciences industry for over
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New FDA Draft Guidance On Sesame Labeling

In November 2020 the FDA issued a draft guidance regarding the voluntary disclosure of sesame as an allergen following its evaluation of public information; including scientific and clinical data, a 2014 citizen petition requesting the disclosure of sesame by the common or usual name in ingredients, and over 4,800 responses from a notice published in
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