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Yellow mealworm receives approval as Novel Food

According to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, novel foods are foods that were not used for any significant amount of consumption in the EU before May 15, 1997, and belong to a specific food category. These categories include, for example: Foods that consist of microorganisms, algae or fungi; Foods that consist of engineered nanomaterials; or Foods with a new molecular structure.

Only novel foods that are approved and included in the EU Union list may be placed on the market.

Yellow mealworms are the first insects to be approved as novel foods in the EU. Mealworms are now allowed to be placed on the market by the applicant in ground form or whole. In addition, up to 10% may be used in a food products such as pasta. Currently, the approval is valid for five years for the applicant. After these five years, competitors are allowed to sell yellow mealworms without the applicant’s permission. In addition, if whole insects were already legally marketed as food in the EU before Jan. 1, 2018, they can continue to be marketed as food if an application for approval as a novel food was submitted for them before Jan. 1, 2019


What should be noted regarding the labelling?


In general, approved novel foods must be labelled in accordance with the applicable regulations. However, further additional specific labelling requirements can be specified in the Union list, which must be observed.


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The international labelling team of bilacon supports you in the correct labelling of your Novel Food and is available to advise you on regulatory matters. In addition, you can have your products tested by us so that nothing stands in the way of safe marketing!


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