Sensory Analysis

Sensory testing of foods is very impor­tant for the market. Qual­i­fied testing helps you to make a repre­sen­ta­tive assess­ment of the poten­tial success of an existing product or a market launch. With sensory testing, bilacon’s experts can iden­tify differ­ences from similar foods and compare them with each other.

In the case of prod­ucts that are already estab­lished on the market, sensory testing can be used to guar­antee consis­tent quality, which is one of the deciding factors for the end consumer.
Opti­miza­tion of ingre­di­ents and thus product opti­miza­tion, including checking the shelf life of foods, are also taken into account in sensory testing.

The tests are based on DIN and ISO stan­dards, thus ensuring a consis­tent quality of the test methods. Sensory analysis forms an inde­pen­dent analysis within the food inspection.

  • In hedonic testing, your product is tested by untrained employees in order to get an accep­tance from normal consumers. For this purpose, several similar foods are tested in direct compar­ison with your product.
  • In analyt­ical testing, your product is tested by specially sensory trained staff. For this test, your food is tested in a neutral envi­ron­ment to avoid disturbing sensory impres­sions. The eval­u­a­tions of this analyt­ical test are statis­ti­cally analyzed.

Testing parameters


Here, among other things, shape, color and struc­ture are eval­u­ated. In the case of choco­late, for example, color inten­sity and surface gloss play a role.


Olfac­tory char­ac­ter­is­tics, i.e. those that can be detected by the nose, are evaluated.


Prod­ucts are eval­u­ated by taste with the 5 taste impres­sions sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.


The texture of the food also plays a major role and is an impor­tant crite­rion for the purchase deci­sion. Using choco­late as an example: how fine is the texture of the product, melting behavior when chewed.


Here, special atten­tion is paid to how the product sounds when bitten off and chewed.

Sensory Analysis Video

Sensory test
of sausage

What bilacon offers you

  • Trained special­ists who test and eval­uate your prod­ucts compre­hen­sively with regard to sensory criteria.
  • A further team of employees with DLG exam­iner pass­port, who are addi­tion­ally special­ized in the exam­i­na­tion and eval­u­a­tion of meat & deli­catessen prod­ucts, sausages, lard as well as bread and cookies.

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