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Food Supplements in Online Shops

Food supplements are legally defined as foodstuffs which serve to supplement the diet. They are usually offered in the form of tablets or capsules and can thus provide the body with additional vitamins or minerals, for example.


Obligation to notify food supplements


Before a food supplement can be placed on the market, it must be registered. In Germany, for example, this must be done at the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety. This ensures that these products are monitored and can be placed on the market safely.


Unauthorized advertising claims vs. “health claims”


It is not allowed to advertise with statements that are related to healing, alleviation or prevention of diseases. Furthermore, advertising claims must not suggest that conventional foods do not provide an adequate supply of nutrients.

So-called health claims are permitted. These are scientifically justified and only health claims that are permitted under Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 may be used.


EU controls of food supplements in online trade


In online trade, more and more non-disclosed dietary supplements are appearing, as well as dietary supplements with promises to cure or prevent corona, according to the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety. An e-commerce Action Plan has been drawn up and research on online trade has been carried out since April. As a result, 592 conspicuous websites have been uncovered so far across the EU.




The results of the searches are forwarded to the competent authorities and followed up by them in order to take action. This results in the deletion of the offer on the Internet, as well as fines.


bilacon supports you in online trading


bilacon supports you so that you can sell your food supplements safely and legally in online shops! We check all details of your product in the online trade, as well as the declaration, so that you do not bring your products onto the market with unauthorized advertising statements and thus risk fines.


If you have any questions about our service, please contact us. Our expert will be happy to help you further.


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