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Flour – A staple food in the test

Flour has been one of the most important staple foods since the Stone Age. At that time it was mainly used to make a bread-like flat cake, today flour is mainly used to bake bread and cakes, for making pasta or Christmas cookies. Flour is the main ingredient of many food products.

Wheat, spelt or wholemeal flour, there are many different types that have to be tested for their safety. Tests have shown that most types of flour are harmless. Only a few harmful substances have been detected in isolated cases.


Traces of chlormequat found


Especially, traces of chlormequat were frequently found in flour. Chlormequat is a growth regulator which is no longer permitted in fruit and vegetable cultivation, but may still be used in cereal cultivation in the EU until the end of 2020. 


Increased concentration of MOSH/MOAH found in 3 samples


Mineral oil components (MOSH/MOAH) were found in three types of flour at alarming levels.  The residues may have entered the flour via packaging or through processing during harvest and transport. In two thirds of the samples only traces were found.


Mould toxins (especially) in wholemeal flour


The result of the tests was considered questionable with regard to moulds in the flour. More than half of the tests revealed an increased level of mould toxins. In particular, the HT-2 and T2 toxins formed by Fusarium fungi and also deoxynivalenol were detected in high proportions. These are already formed in the field. Due to high temperatures and high humidity during the flowering period, toxins formed by Fusarium fungi are almost unavoidable. These toxins have a cell-damaging effect on the human organism and weaken the immune system.


bilacon GmbH is your reliable partner


Performing instrumental analyses, your product is tested for MOSH/MOAH and pesticides, as well as all kinds of mould toxins, among other things, so that the legal limits are not exceeded. Thus, with the help of bilacon, you are able to offer a safe product on the market.


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Source: Ökotest

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