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Can fish products contain harmful pollutants?

Fish sticks taste great to young and old and are one of the most popular foods in Germany. But can the popular fish sticks also contain harmful substances?


Increased fat pollutants detected in fish products


In a test, elevated levels of the fat contaminant 3-MCPD were found in 5 of 12 samples. 3-monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD) and its esters are process-related contaminants that are produced by heating food containing fat and salt. EFSA assesses the intake of 3-MCPD as hazardous to health as it may cause kidney changes. Therefore a tolerable daily intake of 2 µg /kg body weight has been established.


Dangerous bacterial contamination


The tests did not indicate any dangerous germ contamination. Germs in food such as listeria can cause serious diseases. Therefore a regular check of the fish sticks to ensure safety is of high importance.


Sensory evaluation of fish sticks and fish products


The sensory evaluation is particularly important for a high and consistent quality. The fish should be tender and moist and the fish stick tastes optimally salty and spicy. In the test, the breading came off in some samples and some products tasted too much like fried fat.


How can you offer your customers safe and high quality fish sticks?


Regular laboratory analyses help to offer your customers a long-term safe product and to guarantee the quality. If a product exceeds the legal limits, this can lead to expensive product recalls.

bilacon is your ideal partner in making sure that no legally regulated maximum levels for 3-MCPD are exceeded and that your products reach the market and your customers safely. In addition, bilacon supports you in microbiological analysis to prevent dangerous germ contamination.

Furthermore, we carry out sensory analyses of foods to ensure that the product is also sensory appealing to the consumer. This includes tests for taste, texture, smell and appearance.


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Source: Ökotest 

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