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complaint process bilacon

How to contact bilacon

We offer you several ways to contact us. Please choose the option that suits you best.

Contact us by phone

  1. Centrally at +49 30 206 038 230
  2. Directly to your account manager
  3. Directly to the manage­ment, depart­ment manage­ment or quality management

Contact us in writing

  1. Centrally at info.​ber@​tentamus.​com or via the contact form on our website
  2. Directly to your account manager
  3. Directly to the manage­ment, depart­ment manage­ment or quality management

We will have a sympa­thetic ear for you at all times!

Please tell us your concern and the reason for the complaint as precisely as possible. If it concerns a specific order and service, please give us the order number, sample number and/​or test report number, if possible. If the complaint concerns a sample collec­tion or sampling performed by us, please let us know the date and loca­tion of the sample collec­tion or sampling, if possible.

This is how bilacon investigates and processes your complaint

Any form of customer feed­back is recorded in our internal complaints manage­ment system by docu­menting every processing step from recording to customer feedback.

The recording is the respon­si­bility of the employee who receives the customer feed­back. The employee imme­di­ately checks the area of respon­si­bility and, if neces­sary, forwards the customer feed­back to a respon­sible and autho­rized employee. In addi­tion, the complaint will be forwarded to our quality manage­ment and senior management.

Regard­less of how you are contacted, you as a customer will imme­di­ately receive infor­ma­tion that we have received your complaint and an indi­ca­tion of when you can expect to hear back from us. The processing time depends on the scope of the complaint and the depart­ments, divi­sions or subcon­trac­tors involved.

As a rule, complaints are exam­ined and processed in a step-by-step process:

  1. First of all, it is checked whether the facts described can be under­stood and under which area of respon­si­bility they fall.
  2. If there are any uncer­tain­ties, we will contact you again.
  3. The complaint will then be forwarded directly to the respon­sible departments/​areas.
  4. If the complaint concerns a subcon­tracted service, it will be commu­ni­cated to the subcon­tractor, while main­taining confi­den­tiality, and requested to be processed.
  5. In the case of admin­is­tra­tive errors, the test or inspec­tion report will be processed and corrected immediately.
  6. Complaints that go beyond formal errors are forwarded to the depart­ment or divi­sion manage­ment as well as to the manage­ment and quality management.
  7. In order to be able to define correc­tive measures, the cause of the error that led to the complaint is first eval­u­ated with the employees involved in the team.
  8. If the root cause analysis reveals that a complaint is not justi­fied, you will be informed of this with the expla­na­tion of our evaluation.
  9. Based on the cause and the named error, an internal check is made as to what extent other orders, samples, results and customers could be affected (extent analysis).
  10. Taking into account the cause and the extent, adequate correc­tive measures are initi­ated in a timely manner. If neces­sary, correc­tive measures are also estab­lished to prevent and avoid a recur­rence of the error.
  11. The imple­men­ta­tion and effec­tive­ness testing of the measures are planned and defined in terms of time.

This is how you receive feedback on your complaint

Regard­less of the type of complaint, you will receive appro­priate feed­back on the facts within a reason­able time frame.

If the complaint is of a formal nature, you will receive feed­back when the test or inspec­tion report is sent, in which the reason for change and the change notice are explained in writing in the cover letter (mail).

In case of complaints of tech­nical and analyt­ical nature or concerning the service, the processing may take more than 3 days, espe­cially if, for example, repeat measure­ments have to be carried out. In this case we will inform you regu­larly about the current processing status.
After comple­tion of the entire complaint review process, we will send you a corre­sponding written state­ment via e‑mail in which we present the results of the complaint eval­u­a­tion and the deter­mi­na­tion of measures. Depending on the severity of the complaint and at your request, we will send you an offi­cial state­ment that has been coor­di­nated with the manage­ment and quality management.

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