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Possible faults in vegan minced meat

Worldwide, more and more people live vegan, i.e. they avoid all animal products for various reasons. Therefore, the market for vegan meat alternatives such as vegan minced meat is booming, so that a bolognese or a chili can also be prepared vegan.


Mineral oil components do not taste vegan as well


In a recent test, mineral oil components (MOSH/MOAH) were found in 16 out of 20 analysed vegan minced meat products and in four of the samples the values were even “strongly increased”. Mineral oil components can have mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. Currently, there is no legal limit for mineral oil residues in food. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has already prepared a draft for a mineral oil regulation, but there is currently no legal implementation. Vegan mince should also be checked for other residues and contaminants such as pesticides during regular monitoring.


A lot of protein, but also salt


In the analysed products, a lot of vegetable protein was found, but also a lot of salt. Increased salt intake can lead to high blood pressure. Vegetable protein, on the other hand, is an important part of a healthy diet. bilacon supports you in determining the nutritional values and also in optimizing them with regard to the Nutri-Score. After an extensive score analysis, we can give you recommendations and strategies for recipe development so that your product achieves a better Nutri-Score.


bilacon analyses your vegan products


To ensure that your vegan meal does not become a health risk, bilacon checks your products for residues and contaminants, as well as microbiologically for microorganisms. In addition, we support you regarding nutritional value analyses and the Nutri-Score.


If you have any questions about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert will be pleased to help you.


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