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EU-wide protection of Beelitz asparagus

The European Commission placed Beelitz asparagus on the list of protected European products on March 14, 2019. From now on, only asparagus grown in a narrowly defined area around Beelitz may be named as such.

To ensure the authenticity of fruit and vegetables from regional cultivation, bilacon performs isotope analyses. Depending on local climate, groundwater, precipitation, and fertilization, soils have a certain typical constellation of isotopes. This isotopic fingerprint is subsequently reflected in the plants grown within the soils and in the food itself. Only if the labs conclude that the sample isotope pattern matches that of the relevant soil, the food item is approved.

“The procedure of origin and identity verification offers food retailers a reliable control instrument. Our customers thus additionally secure their product promise.” – Roy Sperling, head of the Instrumental Analysis department.


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