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Sustainability labelling for food: The new Eco-Score

Nowadays, customers no longer decide to buy certain foods only on the basis of price and quality, they also consider aspects such as healthy nutrition and sustainability. The Nutri-Score, for example, helps consumers decide for or against a product based on its nutritional quality. The new Eco Score will now also help to determine buying decisions.


What is the Eco-Score?


The Eco-Score evaluates the environmental characteristics of a food product within five levels, i.e. what kind of environmental footprint the product has.  There are 16 categories that play a role in evaluating the product, such as:

  1. climate change
  2. ozone depletion
  3. toxic to humans: carcinogenic
  4. toxic to humans: non-carcinogenic
  5. fine dust
  6. ionizing radiation
  7. photochemical formation of ozone
  8. acidification
  9. terrestrial eutrophication
  10. aquatic eutrophication of oceans
  11. aquatic eutrophication of fresh water
  12. ecotoxicity
  13. land use
  14. water use
  15. use of fossil fuels
  16. consumption of raw materials: minerals and metals


In addition, plus or minus points can be collected through certain other criteria. For example, sustainability labels such as “Demeter” and “Bio” can earn plus points, or non-sustainable packaging can earn minus points.


Rating scale


The rating scale contains five levels from A to E. A food with a rating of an A has a low impact on the environment and a product with a rating of an E has a high impact on the environment.

Who helps me with the calculation of the Eco-Score?


The calculation of the Eco-Score is very complex, so our international Regulatory Affairs team will support you in calculating the Eco-Score for your product. In addition, the team will review your own calculations and will be available to advise you.


If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact us. Our expert will be happy to help you.


Stefanie Hirsch

+49 30/206 038 388

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