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Dog food tested – almost 1/3 inadequate

According to Regulation (EC) No. 767/2009, complete pet food must provide dogs with all necessary nutrients so that no additional feeding with other products is necessary.

In June 2019, however, an examination of numerous pet food products revealed that almost one third of the products failed because they contained too small amounts of vitamins and minerals. For example, low calcium content can lead to a change in bone density and thus to fragile bones in animals. In addition, the Barf menus, which are not heated like canned food, have been shown to contain high levels of Enterobacteria. These can have also precarious consequences for the dog owner.

The FEDIAF, representative of the European Pet Food Industry, published a guideline for the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats in 2018. The guideline defines the legal tolerances for minerals and vitamins, among other things.

In order to ensure a safe supply of animals with impeccable food, bilacon checks your pet food. This includes basic tests such as the Weender analysis, the check for compliance with nutrient, vitamin and mineral specifications, the labelling test, the analysis for residues and contaminants, as well as microbiological testing.

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