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Precondition for the Chemical and Microbiological Testing of Foodstuffs, Drinking Water, and Tobacco Products.

For the execution of orders our qualified employees of the Hygiene & Quality Assurance department take a multitude of different samples on your site, or alternatively, by sample pick-ups provided by you.

Collection of samples includes upon request the provision of packaging and shipping materials.

Sampling focuses mainly on:

  • Food samples for microbiological examination according to the self-checking system and to comply with the demands of Reg. (EC) No. 2073/2005.
  • Fruit and vegetable samples for residue testing*
  • Drinking water samples for examination according to the drinking water regulation
  • Samples for determination of the microbial count of surfaces in order to survey cleaning and disinfection activities
  • Samples for the determination of the count of airborne microbes

* This service is not covered by the scope of the accreditation.

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