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bilacon supports you with the Nutri-Score

Since November, food manufacturers are allowed to use the Nutri-Score voluntarily on their products in order to help consumers to improve their diet. In order for you to be able to create, present and improve the Nutri-Score correctly under food law, bilacon offers a comprehensive support. The international Regulatory Affairs Team supports you in the following points:



  • Calculation

The calculation of the nutritional score is based on the nutritional value table. The score is composed by negative and positive points, added up to a final mark. In the end, the food product obtain a score from -15 to 40 and the corresponding logo, from logo A to logo E. The lower the score is, the more the food product contributes to a healthy and balanced diet.


  • Check

For checking services of the Nutri-Score, trained experts review all the information and calculations to ensure that they are correct. This includes calculation check but also design checking, regarding the position and graphic characteristics of the logo on the label.


  • Consult

Our team is ready to help you for Nutri-score optimization of your product. After a deep score analysis, we can provide reformulation advices and strategies in order to make your product reach a better Nutri-Score.

Our team can also support you in all matters and questions relating to the Nutri-Score and will be happy to advise you.


Do you need support regarding the Nutri-Score? Please feel free to contact us. Our expert will be happy to help you.


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