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BfR: New recommendation for minimum temperature for hot food

The BfR gives a new recommendation for the minimum temperature for hot food


In its statement no. 029/2020 of 07 July 2020, the BfR advises to keep heated food hot until consumption ensuring a temperature of at least 60 °C at all spots.

This corresponds to a reduction of 5 °C compared to previous recommendations.

Bacteria that can be found in food can form spores that are heat-resistant and thus are not killed by boiling or frying. Bacteria can develop from these spores again if the prepared food is kept warm at too low a temperature. Bacteria of the group Bacillus cereus and Clostridium perfringens are able to produce toxins which are the cause of diseases. The consumption of food with too many bacteria can also lead to health problems.

Until now, a temperature of at least 65 °C was recommended for keeping prepared food hot, but according to the latest findings, the growth of B. cereus, B. cytotoxicus or C. perfringens is unlikely from a temperature of at least 57 °C.

According to some studies, a low risk of growth is still possible at temperatures up to 60 °C, therefore the BfR recommends that a temperature of at least 60 °C should be reached at all spots on prepared food.

According to the EFSA BIO-HAZ Panel (2016), most food-borne illnesses caused by B. cereus in raw or cooked food) occur if the food is not kept below 4 °C or above 60 °C.

In terms of product safety and product liability, bilacon recommends in any case the examination of your process with regard to potential dangers and an appropriate process design which reliably excludes potential dangers, not only through spore formers.


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