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bilacon, your right choice for lab services
quality, flexibility and full service.

When bringing food, feed, nutraceuticals, health beauty and care products onto the market, absolute quality and safety must be ensured. Ever increasing legal requirements and quality standards as well as rising consumer awareness for quality, untainted products require a strong and reliable partner in the field of analysis and advisory services. bilacon has been precisely this for its customers since 1990.

With more than 250 employees at two sites in Berlin and Fulda, bilacon is the right choice – be it in the microbiological, chemical or instrumental analytics of goods, raw materials and products in processing plants, product inspections relating to hygiene and food regulation for wholesale and retailing with standardised procedures, or support with new developments, right up to the implementation of and training for QM systems.

Extensive practical and consultative expertise – also in related inspection fields – is further ensured by our membership of the Tentamus Group. This makes bilacon is a highly flexible full-service provider for all areas of external food, feed, nutraceuticals, health beauty and care quality control.

Our laboratory examines close 200,000 individual samples annually using an accredited and constantly monitored process with the most modern analysers. A steadily increasing proportion of our work comes from abroad.

The up-to-datedness and safety of our methodology is based on many years of expertise, laboratory operations with integrated QM, constant and independent monitoring by proficiency tests. Personal support for your order with a fixed, easily accessible and dedicated contact person is a matter of course. We provide you with customised services, even for special requirements and complex analytical tasks.

Do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries regarding the safety and quality of food, feed, nutraceuticals, health beauty and care and tobacco. We inspect according to your specifications and look forward to hearing from you!

Our Locations

bilacon Berlin

From our modern headquarter in Berlin we support companies all over the world.

Our broad range of services combines microbiological and chemical incoming goods and product control in food companies, food wholesalers and retailers through standardised and accredited procedures. We provide support for new developments and training courses on quality management systems.

bilacon Rheda wiedenbrück

Our location in Rheda Wiedenbrück is an extension of bilacon Berlin in the west of Germany. We carry out microbiological tests on various foodstuffs such as meat and sausage products, dairy products, ice cream, convenience products, etc., so that we can fully support you in fulfilling general food law requirements and implementing customer-specific requirements.

bilacon Rotterdam

bilacon Rotterdam


With our location, which specializes in fruit and vegetables, we support you in the analysis of residues and release of your goods.

Thanks to our presence at the port of Rotterdam, we can collect, prepare and process your sample on site.


Our samplers are also at your service throughout Germany.

Please contact us:


Analytical knowledge and expertise at labratory bilacon Berlin

bilacon’s expertise in the high-quality execution of chemical, physical, molecular biological and microbiological tests has been officially confirmed with accreditations and approvals.

In June 1992, the competence of our laboratory was confirmed in accordance with DIN EN 45001 for conducting tests in the areas of sensory, physical, physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of food and agricultural products.

Re-accreditation in 2001 confirmed that billion’s laboratory also met the new higher requirements of ISO / IEC 17025.

At the same time, the accredited field surrounding the microbiological and chemical analysis of drinking water according to TrinkwV2001 was expanded.

In 2010 bilacon was re-accredited by DAkkS according to ISO / IEC 17025.

Regulatory Bodies: Accreditation by the National Accreditation Body Hannover

The laboratory at bilacon was officially registered in 2000 by the National Accreditation Body Hannover (AKS). This confirmed that the laboratory met the criteria of the ISO 17025 international standard and fulfilled the OECD principles for Good Laboratory Practice Nos. 2 and 7. This accreditation is the required authorisation for cross-checking experts. With currently eight control samples experts, inspections of official control samples in the fields of sensor technology, chemical, physical-chemical and microbiological tests of food can be carried out.

bilacon is monitored by an inspection authority whose goal is the compliance with safety and quality standards. The bilacon GmbH testing bodies are members of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and the relana (reliable analytics) quality circles which represent laboratories in the field of residue and contaminant analysis.

Company history

History bilacon

We combine management and scientific competence

Karsten Ott

General Manager

Abgar Barseyten


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Tentamus is a trusted name within the life science industry. Thanks to our global presence, your career with Tentamus can be one of professional and personal development. We offer our employees the chance to work abroad and in various areas of operation, we offer access to an international portfolio of clients and present diverse cultures and point of views.

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I. Authorisation in accordance with the Infection Protection Act

  • In December 1992 the microbiological laboratory in Berlin was granted authorisation to work with pathogens according to § 24 BSeuchG and/or TierSeuchEVO. This authorisation has been updated in accordance with § 44 of the Infection Protection Act.


II. Authorisation for the microbiological and chemical analysis of drinking water

  • Since March 2005 the laboratory in Berlin has been a testing body for the microbiological and chemical analysis of drinking water in accordance with §15 Abs. 4 TrinkwV2001. Sampling is included in the authorisation.


III. Authorisation in accordance with the § 4 Tobacco Regulation

  • Since January 2004 the Special Analytics department has been authorised in accordance with § 4 Tobacco Regulation and is therefore entitled under the § 3 Tobacco Products Ordinance in conjunction with Article 4 para. 1 of the EU Directive 2001/37 / EC Smoke Analysis to determine tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in cigarette smoke and perform inspections on the information on tar and nicotine levels on packets.


IV. BNN authorisation

  • Since March 2015 bilacon has been recognised as a laboratory by the Federation Association for Natural Food and Goods (BNN) e.V. The recognition refers to pesticides in fresh fruit and vegetables, processed fruit and vegetables, grains / cereals / oilseeds, tea / fruit teas / spices. (Certificate)


V. Other authorisations/approvals

  • Sensory experts for the evaluation of meat and delicatessen products (DLG Inspector Pass, 4 staff members)
  • Sensory experts for the evaluation of bread and biscuits (DLG Inspector Pass, one staff member)
  • 21 approved samplers for drinking water

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